Often times I dedicate one of the several Solid Gold Saturday Show songs to my OTR drivers.  God bless em'!  It's a job that is physically and emotionally demanding, but without them our store shelves would be bare and we wouldn't get our mail in a timely fashion, among other things.  It's an important job and if you're in need of a job, Halvor Lines is hiring.


I haven't worked for Halvor Lines, but have interviewed their staff numerous times. They really take care of their employees.  They were voted "2014 Best Fleets to Drive For"!  They are based out of Superior, WI and have 400 employees at the moment, but they need to hire more.

They especially want the recently laid off steelworkers on the Range to know these jobs exist and that there is opportunity available.  According to our media partners, WDIO.com, the Range has seen about 1000 layoffs and/or job terminations in just the past few months.

Let's make this easy for you.  If you're interested, you can apply on line, right now.

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