photo: Ken Hayes

Talk about bad luck.  Two freak accidents in one week have left the arch of my foot puncture, and my little toe scratched up.  Both on the same foot.

It happened with a freak accident last wednesday, when I felt a sharp sting in my foot.  I thought I just stepped wrong, but the pain persisted.  I took off my foot and found a bloody sock.  What did I step in?

I took the sock off and while dripping blood on my floor, I realized it was a pine needle that had been tracked into the house.   Yes, a pine needle.  How does that happen?  Either way, the pain lasted for a while.  (Feet are a sensitive area.)

Then this morning, I had a pain in my foot again.  I looked down and saw a nail sticking out of my shoe!  I've been working on my attic, and somehow a finishing nail made it's way through my foot.

Looks like I'll be watching my step a little more carefully.

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