I heard from a friend this morning that Jeanne and Cooper were throwing some shade my way because I wear crocs. Go moisturize your beard Cooper and leave my crocs alone.

Yeah they make fun of me for wearing crocs, and I'm ok with it. Heck, I remember when Jeanne had insulated crocs in the winter. I won't go that far, although some people do. I'm not ashamed to wear crocs, even when teased by "dad shoe" wearing coworker Tony Hart from Mix108.

Crocs are the bomb. They are foot medicine. More and more people are realizing this too as sales have increased during the pandemic. CNBC had a story on how Crocs became a pandemic staple with huge sale numbers. More and more people are rocking the crocs.

Are crocs stylish? Not really. But are they useful? Absolutely! They are coming out with new products that don't even look like crocs. You can be a secret Croc lover if you're not comfortable being labeled a Croc enthusiast. You can also customize your crocs with a little flair if that's your thing.

Here's the great things I like about crocs. They are super easy to wash. Tennis shoes only have a certain shelf life, but I've literally had crocs so long that the tread has worn out after a couple of years. The durable rubber doesn't split.

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They are very useful in the summer, and in the winter you can wear them around the house. Have you ever launched a boat and worried about getting your shoes wet? I wear Crocs all summer long when on the boat because of how handy they are. Even going swimming at the beach, they can double as water shoes. Just make sure you go into "off road" mode and flip the back strap down so they don't come off. Voila! You're ready to rock.

So don't be ashamed of loving your Crocs. Wear them proudly and dismiss the haters. They just don't get it.

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