This is certainly a strange and mysterious story, who dropped over 150 cans of Dinty Moore beef stew in Rice Lake Township?

Mina Yee and her family were enjoying some walks last week around their neighborhood when they found the cans, at first it was just 10 cans, which Yee said, "we thought possibly a snowmobiler lost them since we found them in the ditch."

They continued on their daily walks and soon that number grew to, get this, 170 cans! Other families is the area have also found multiple cans of the stew in the area, to a total of over 200 cans.

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Yee told me, "We have no idea who did this and why.. but it sure has given us all something to do! It has oddly been entertaining for not only us.. but all of my Facebook friends too."

Today, 190 cans were donated to CHUM and another 15 went to a family who needed them. Great job Yee and Peterson families!

Does anyone have any idea where these beef stew cans came from? If so, drop me an email or message us on Facebook.

Mina Yee Photo
Mina Yee Photo

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