I wasn't going to be able to go see the show last night at Amsoil Arena because of my other job being so busy.  Things changed, a pair of tickets somehow were still available, and my girlfriend agreed to be my hot date.

Opening for Chris was Brent Cobb and Margo Price.  Admittedly I only knew of Margo because of a post Ken Hayes from our Breakfast Club Morning Show did a week or so back, which I'll link you to below.

Brent Cobb was amazing, I really wish he had played longer.  I like all kinds of music, new and old.  Brent had a older country sound, something some more current artists should take notes on.  He is for sure someone I will be looking into more.  Margo Price was great too, much better than the recorded music I have heard, but live music especially of that style usually is.

I know far fewer songs of Chris Stapleton's than my girlfriend does but that didn't matter.  I think anyone with a general music appreciation, not stuck in a 'I only listen to one genre' mindest would have appreciated Chris live.  Though I feel that way about his recordings too.

All in all is was quite an amazing night, so much talent in one room.  The stage was beautiful, the sound was decent, and the cider was flowing.  Something I didn't do is take one picture of the show with my phone.  I can't remember the last time I didn't shoot pictures.  I usually always have it out hoping for at least one as good as I can get with a phone shot.  That will be happening more from now on, it was so much more relaxing and I was so much more focused on the music.

I'd go see all 3 again, and can't wait to dig more into music from Brent Cobb.


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