I received an invite to catch the movie, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" at the Duluth West Theater last week and gladly accepted.  The theater opened up in June of this year after about a nine months of construction/renovation, and it had been on my list to check out.

Duluth West Theater- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I hadn't even seen it lit up, so upon pulling up, was pretty impressed with the lights and the brightness as the sun was going down.  There also was a rockstar parking spot right in front so I took it.  The main ticket window is actually outside which is totally old school cool and the staff was friendly and smiling.  Just inside, there is a antique popcorn machine in front of the concession stand and while there isn't too large of a selection of goodies, there is just enough to satisfy most tastes in snacks.

Duluth West Theater Popcorn Machine- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The theater also features two lounges with photos and memorabilia from local Duluth theaters.  As you walk into the actual seating area of the place, you'll notice the classic art deco styling, and the seats while a little more modern looking, are decently comfortable and have a good recline.  It seats approximately 250 people which you wouldn't think that many with the entrance size.

Duluth West Theater- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The sound was good, the picture quality was good, the air conditioning pumped cold air, and overall it's a nice venue.  It's definitely a place I will see a movie at again.