Today I woke up like any other Earth Day, not realizing that it's Earth Day.  I mean, it's something we really don't look forward to unless your big into planting trees.  So I thought back on how I've mistreated the earth this last year.  It's almost always by accident, but still it wasn't good for the environment.  I'm not a litterer, and I recycle... most of the time.  But here are some things I'm sorry about.

1.  My boat motor.  It's old, it leaks, and it's not good for the lakes.  I've tried and actually improved it, but man it's spilled its fair share of gas. 

2.  The cardboard box that flew out of my truck one time over the bridge.  I didn't know it was in there, honest!

3.  Mowing over that tree.  I thought it was a weed, and I didn't realize it was a freshly planted tree.

4.  My old motorcycle.  I don't have it anymore, but it used to spray oil out of the front of it once in a while.  I'm sorry earth.

5.  Those fish I had to throw away.  I caught my limit of blue gills one time and they all had parasites in them, and I couldn't bring myself to eat it.  What a waste.

6.  Those other fish I had to throw away.  The freezer got unplugged by accident one time.  They spoiled.

7.  My boat anchor at the bottom of a lake.  I feel bad about this one.  It was a nice anchor, but the knot wasn't tied good enough.  After drifting for several hundred yards, I realized our anchor was gone forever.

8.  Not always recycling.   Sometimes I've just been lazy and threw a can in the garbage.   And sometimes instead of spraying out a messy soup can, I've just tossed it.  I know, I'm a terrible person.

9.  I've cut down a lot of trees.  I mean, a lot.  We needed them for firewood, it's not like I'm a murderer, right?

10.  I've killed every house plant I've ever owned.   I am poison to plants.  I touch them and they die.  I'm so sorry.

11.  I've buried non-biodegradable toilet paper.  I didn't have any of the earth friendly toilet paper one time in a pinch.  I bet it's still buried there next to that tree.  Actually, no it probably got dug up by some animal shortly after.

12.  I've lost a lot of tackle in the bottom of a lake.  Broken lines, poorly tied knots...  I always feel bad.  The most recent is a bottom bouncer at the bottom of Lake Vermilion.  My bad.

13.  Spent shell casings.  I've been a hunter and I've also shot a lot of guns out in the woods.  I haven't always picked up the shells after myself.

I try to be conscious about our environment, but sometimes I make mistakes.  Hopefully mother earth will forgive me and I'll try harder.  Next earth day, I hope to have a list of good things I've done for our planet.

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