Holiday Trash: What To Recycle, What To Throw
Take the food, family, gifts, and meaning of Christmas out of the equation and what do you have left? A lot of trash! Food waste, gift wrap, boxes, cards, decorations, and more add up to an abundance of items you'll probably want (need) to get rid of. But how do you do it responsibly?
More Recycling at Duluth Parks
The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department has received a grant from the Keep America Beautiful Program and the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Park Bin Grant Program.  The reward is 60 new recycling bins.
My Earth Day Apology to Our Planet
Today I woke up like any other Earth Day, not realizing that it's Earth Day.  I mean, it's something we really don't look forward to unless your big into planting trees.  So I thought back on how I've mistreated the earth this last year.  It's almost always by accident, but still it wasn't good for …
Peek At Northlanders’ Trash Reveals A Troubling Surprise
I guess I know what WLSSD's new ad campaign will be about.
Duluth-area residents and visitors are tossing more than 40 million beverage containers into the trash every year despite efforts to encourage recycling.
That’s the finding of a series of trash surveys conducted recently by the Western Lake Su…
Go Green With Community Action Duluth To End Local Poverty
Community Action Duluth is doing their part to assist those in need.  One-third of the people who reside in the City of Duluth live in poverty or are considered working poor.  Community Action Duluth is doing what they can to help those who are struggling.
For one month, we can combine efforts and &q…