When I go host a local event or show, I am out talking to local musicians all the time and get CD's given to me or sent to me.  Most of the time people want advice, I am happy to give my 2 cents on the project. Sometimes it's praise, sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's just a little direction. The biggest complaint I get is where do I go to get heard, what's the next step to get my music out.  So, here's your call local musician!!  I would like you, the local artist, to send me your mp3 and info/bio sheet or drop off a CD.

Here's how it will work. I will weed them down to the top bands/singers/artists. Each week, I will post the info and music of 2 artists and let everyone vote on the best, then that person or band will move on to the next round until we crown the best local artist in B105 land.

If nothing else, I will be happy to talk to anyone about why they didn't make the final, or what was good and bad about their project.

Why am I doing this? For many reasons, there is good talent in the area and I 'd like to showcase some of it. No more complaints about how hard it is to make it and reach an audience. Here is your audience, reach them, no excuses now!!!

If you think you are the next big thing or you want to be, send me an mp3 or a CD and a info/bio sheet. You must include a picture, bio sheet about you and your music, and at least 2 songs (I will choose the best). You may drop off an album (if that's what you have done), but it must be on cd.  My email is chrisallen@kkcb.com and the address is 14 East Central Entrance, Duluth, MN 55811. Any questions, you may email me or call 218-279-0023.

If you do send me an email with your info, put "local artist" in the subject area.

Thanks, and good luck.

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