A wide-ranging project to replace multiple box culverts along Highway 210 recently had a public meeting - one of the early steps in the process towards the eventual work that's scheduled on 2023.  During that virtual meeting on June 30, the general public had the opportunity to learn more about the scope of the work and the impacts projected to occur.


During the work, crews with the Minnesota Department of Transportation will replace four box culverts along the route of Highway 210 at the following spots:

  • 0.1 miles east of County Road 23 over the Tamarack River in Wright
  • 2.5 miles west of State Highway 73 over the Tamarack River
  • 0.5 miles east of State Highway 73 over the Island Lake Outlet in Cromwell
  • 0.2 miles west of Interstate 35 over Otter Creek

At each of the locations, determinations will be made in advance to calculate what traffic impacts there might be.  (i.e. lane closures, detours, signals, flaggers, etc).  All told, the total cost of the work is estimated to be $1.8 million.  The benefits according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation will "(p)rovide for future use of highway through dependable passage of personal and commercial vehicle traffic".


As there is still plenty of lag time between this initial public meeting and the eventual start of the project, the potential for additional public meetings exists; as the project commencement date gets closer, MNDOT will have more-accurate details and updates to provide.

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To get details about this specific project, click here.  Additionally, the Minnesota Department of Transportation offers up to date information about all of the road construction projects it coordinates throughout the state.  Click here for further details.



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