Someone in the Minnesota Lake Police Department deserves a nice, big bonus!

The Minnesota Lake Police Department shared a hilarious message on their Facebook page Friday (January 17th) ahead of the state's big weekend storm. The post has since gone viral and for good reason.

The post name checks everything from Nickelback to Hot Cheetos. Read it for yourself below:

Ha!! I get it though - Hot Cheetos are delicious! In all seriousness, I think this post is hilarious. Getting a ton of snow is never fun but I love that they could make light of the situation and bring us all a few laughs.

As of Monday morning, the post had been shared over 8,000 times and has hundreds of comments and counting. (If you want another good laugh, take a scroll through the comment section!)

Minnesota Lake is located south of Duluth and the Twin Cities and not too far from Mankato. It is a small town of about 700 people. Thanks for the laugh!

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