This doesn't look good. There are so many tears in the final teaser for The Bachelor season finale.

As you know by now, a Minnesota native has made the final three on this season of The Bachelor. Michelle Young could get Matt James' final rose come next week when the final episode of the season airs.

The trailer for the final episode of the season dropped on Monday (March 1st). By the looks of it, it is going to be a juicy episode. The trailer features tears, tears and more tears. There is even a clip of Michelle crying it out all alone!

It's not all bad though! The two-minute long teaser also features Matt and Michelle kissing a lot and Michelle telling Matt that she is in love with him. It looks like the two also swing down the side of a building. I guess that is a great team building exercise. Ha!

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What is most worrisome is that during the clip, Matt says he doesn't know what he is going to do and of course, there are two other women competing for the final rose alongside Michelle. You can check out the teaser below:

Wow! I can't wait for the final episode. I hope Matt ends up with Michelle. It is obvious they have had such a strong connection since she first stepped out of the limo. She was even part of a special show twist which saw her coming in with a handful of ladies weeks into the show.

By the way, there was another Minnesota native on the show but she got axed after spreading a nasty rumor about another lady in the house. We are rooting for Michelle all the way!

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