It has been quite the rollercoaster on The Bachelor over the past few weeks. With the addition of new contestants to crazy drama in the house and everything in between. We have a lot to go over.

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First of all, why should you care about yet another season of this reality show you ask? Because this season we have not one but two contestants from right here in Minnesota!

Where are they now? Let's get to it! By the way, there are spoilers ahead so if you are behind in any way, shape or form, stop right here and circle back when you are all caught up!

First, we have Minnesotan number one. Anna Redman has been on the show since the first episode and over the past few episodes, she has become front and center of the drama in the house between the girls, which is never good. She was axed from the show Monday (February 1st) after it was revealed to the lead, Matt, that she was spreading a rumor about another girl in the house. That's not exactly how you want to go out on the show. Yikes.

Thankfully, we have another Minnesotan to root for! Last week, we met a handful of new girls in a special show twist. That is where we were finally introduced to Michelle Young. She and Matt joked about her Minnesota accent and she was quickly given a one-on-one date, where she became a front runner for Matt's final rose! Seriously, so many people are rooting for these two to make it to the end together as they are definitely smitten. Now, that is how you represent Minnesota!

What happens next? We will have to wait and see but we know who we are rooting for to take this thing home!

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