I have a good feeling this is going to catch on! I saw a post on Reddit while browsing the site this week and saw something that can only be described as genius.

I like to browse the Minnesota and Duluth threads to see what is happening in the area. I saw a headline that grabbed my attention and I am so glad it did.

The headline said "Nothing more Minnesotan than cleaning your gutters with a hockey stick" and I knew I had to click on it. I was not disappointed.

The post contained two photos of the user actually doing just that! One photo shows him on top of a roof smiling with a hockey stick and the other photo shows him cleaning the gutter with the hockey stick with his point of view.

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This definitely gave me a good laugh! I love Minnesotans and our way of life. Ha! You can take a look at the funny post below:

If you can't see the post above, you can view the funny photos on Reddit.

The comments also made me laugh, with one user chiming in saying they use a curling broom. That is also very Minnesotan (and would make some famous Northlanders pretty happy).

Another user stated that they use a hockey stick for other household chores, like getting things down from a shelf they can't reach. I think I may start carrying around a hockey stick because it could definitely come in handy for getting things I can't reach.

Speaking of Minnesotans, I saw a meme recently making fun of the way we act at restaurants. More specifically, it poked fun at how hard it is for us to tell our waiter or waitress if our order is wrong. I definitely have a hard time with that so it was true!

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