I am definitely guilty of this but I didn't realize it until I saw a meme that made me realize I was!

I saw the meme on Facebook and it gave me a good laugh. The meme basically made fun of Minnesotans when it comes to telling a waiter or a waitress your order is wrong at a restaurant. It featured four pictures of a man working out, jogging, lifting weights and other aggressive activities.

The pictures were meant to depict a Minnesotan getting ready to tell a restaurant that their order is wrong! It got me thinking - is this really a Minnesotan thing or just something people do if they are shy?

I came to the conclusion that it is definitely a Minnesota thing. So many people in the comments section said that they are guilty of this. Many others said they just won't say anything to a waiter or waitress no matter what. Ha!

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I guess this is just part of being "Minnesota nice" and not saying anything that could come off as rude even a little bit. While stating that an order is wrong isn't exactly mean, we are also known for being passive aggressive so all of this makes sense.

I noticed another thing Minnesotans do recently: throw away their food with the plate on top! I do this all the time, especially when I am at someone's home. I don't want my gross food sitting on top of the garbage and I also don't want anyone to know if there is something I didn't eat.

Call it the Minnesota way but when it comes to our quirks, it could always be worse!

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