With the sub-zero temperatures and icy roads, Minnesota was named the state that has the most miserable winters by Thrillist.com.

No real shocker here, it's hard to argue against Minnesota. That's what happens when you have people who really don't blink an eye when the forecast calls for a low of -15 degrees one week and 8-12 inches of snow the week before.

Thrillist had this to say about Minnesota holding down the top spot,

"It can get down to -60 degrees, a temperature at which frostbite can occur in fewer than five minutes. There are no chinook winds or moderating oceans to temper things outside of a small area by Lake Superior. Your sports teams never win championships. All of your good high school hockey players end up starring for NHL teams in other cities. Ice fishing can’t be that cool, really."

They have a point with what they say, but man those cheap shots sting. We know our pro sports teams can't win the big game. No need to kick us when we are down cuddled up in our electric blankets.

Michigan, Alaska, North Dakota and Maine round out the top 5 for most miserable winters.


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