In breakfast sandwich folklore, 2003 was the equivalent of man walking on the moon.  That year, McDonalds introduced the McGriddle, which replaced bread or a muffin with maple flavored pancakes so delicious, many suspected Satan himself was behind it.

Once it was determined by most of the public that Satan was likely not in the breakfast sandwich business, a calmed public settled into the habit of eating McGriddles guilt-free, especially if a brisk walk or sit-ups followed shortly thereafter, and firmly believing breakfast sandwiches could not get any better.  A coy, confident McDonalds said "hold my sausage".

McDonalds has announced that a new breakfast sandwich is currently being tested at more than 200 participating McDonalds across the state of Minnesota.  The McGriddle French Toast Breakfast Sandwich throws out the pancakes and replaces them with french toast.  According to their press release:

The new all-in-one, golden breakfast sandwich comes on a warm brioche French toast bun with a grade-A freshly cracked egg, melted American cheese, savory hot sausage, thick cut Applewood smoked bacon and brushed with sweet syrup.

The new sandwich is brilliant, yet so simple.  Replace pancakes with french toast.  Why didn't I think of that?  Why didn't you tell me to do that?  McDonalds, I tip my hat and loosen my belt to you.

Minnesota, the time to be a part of breakfast sandwich folklore is now.



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