It's almost a tradition where every Minnesota Fishing Opener, we get cool, windy, and rainy days.   This year you can add a slight chance of flurries in the morning for some icing on the cake, or the boat you could say.  It's an extended forecast at this point, but all signs point to a chance of rain for the Northland.

If you're fishing the St. Louis River, Fish Lake, Rice Lake, or other bodies of water surrounding the Duluth area, the weather looks now to be a high of 49 degrees with a chance of rain.

As you go further up North towards Lake Vermilion and other lakes closer to the Canada border, the highs will be in the 40's with chances of rain/ snow mix.

That's the weather for both Saturday and Sunday at this point.  I'll be digging out my rain gear and my long underwear for this weekend and doing my best to stay dry.  Good luck!

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