Another day, another weather record broken!

It was a huge bummer that cold and chilly weather put a damper on our Memorial Day weekend! It wasn't all bad but our nicest day by far was Sunday (May 26th) and then it all turned dark, cloudy and cold on the holiday itself.

If you thought it was one of the colder Memorial Days in recent memory, you would be right!

The Breakfast Club spoke to WDIO Meteorologist Taylor Dayton early Tuesday morning and he told us that we did indeed have one of our cooler Memorial Days in the Northland.

According to Taylor, we saw the 8th coldest high temperature on record for Memorial Day. Wow!!

While it was cold and chilly on a day where many like to go outside and soak up the sun, it wasn't all bad. We didn't see snow like we had earlier in the month. That would have been a disaster!

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