It's not just in this day and age that people have been scamming others and abusing systems that are in place to help those in need.  It's something that has gone on for years and nowadays might even be easier for crooked people to pull off with the internet.

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I don't want anyone to get scammed, having had family members fallen into that category before, I know that it isn't any fun.  It's worse though in my opinion, when elderly or more vulnerable people become the victims.  There are programs out there though that present a good deal of information to help prevent someone from becoming a victim of fraud.

One such program that will be presented is by the Senior LinkAge Line, Arrowhead Agency on Aging.  It's totally free to attend and it will be online, so it's a little easier not having to leave the house, plus, with the COVID-19 restrictions, it's safer.  It will be on Wednesday, January 13th, and it starts at 2:00PM.

The session runs for about an hour and a half and will cover potential scams, tips to protect your medicare number, how to detect fraud and report it, and much more.  While it is free to attend, you need to register for the event in advance and you can do that HERE.  It's probably worth checking out if you have concerns for yourself or a family member who you look after.

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