Valentine's Day is right around the corner and with that, many will be flocking to online dating sites to find love.

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With that being said, the Better Business Bureau has issued a warning to people who may be doing just that. According to their warning, scammers are taking advantage of the holiday, creating fake profiles to connect with people and con them out of money.

We have all seen the show "Catfish" so we know how this kind of thing works. Scammers can easily create a profile by making up a backstory and using someone else's picture from the internet. From there, they connect with someone - or multiple people - and start a relationship.

The BBB says some of these scammers even pretend to be someone from the military or someone with a job in another country, using this as a ruse as to why they can't meet with you in person.

Once there is a budding relationship, the person you are in a "relationship" with says they need money. We all know what happens from there. You give them money and then they disappear.

This makes me so sad, especially because people are on dating websites truly trying to find love! I see this a lot on television shows all the time and it makes me sad. Obviously, you should always be careful when giving someone money. Make sure you know the person very well and can verify they are who they say they are.

The BBB also suggests doing your research on someone if you are meeting them online. A few minutes could save you a big hassle down the line.

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