This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Staff at Mayo Clinic gave one patient a special goodbye last week, lining the hallways and singing Amazing Grace during her final moments.

According to reports, the patient was 47-year-old Kari Koens. She was struck by a car in Rochester while crossing the street earlier this month. She was declared brain dead the same evening.

The video shows doctors wheeling Koens down the hall into the elevator to get surgery. The amazing moment was captured and shared by her brother on Facebook and has since gone viral. He gave more insight into the moment, writing:

Words can’t really describe what taking this walk was like - after we had a chance to pray, share memories, and let everyone know the one thing my sister would want everyone to know - that she is with her creator joyfully in awe of Him - we walked with her to the elevator to say goodbyes. When the doors closed, she went into the operating room to give generously all she had left.

The line of all the co-workers the entire way singing Amazing Grace completely caught us by surprise and totally blessed us! It’s that amazing grace we’ve been given through Jesus that strengthens us so we can offer grace to others.

According to family, Koens passed away and donated her organs in an effort to save others.

The video clocks in around three minutes. It is worth a moment to watch the entire thing from start to finish. You can watch it below:

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