Hear The Amazing African Children's Choir In Superior
One thing that always sparks a smile is children and when those children are entertaining with amazing voices it's even better.  Get ready to smile because a group of children will be traveling to Superior for a special concert designed to help Africa's most vulnerable children.
Watch Cathy Get Embarrassed While Celebrating Her Birthday!
Cathy hates attention on her birthday, so naturally every year I make a big deal out of it.  Last night we had the Kenny Chesney / Jason Aldean ticket drop party at Timberlodge Steakhouse.  Cathy and her family and friends joined us to celebrate her birthday, and I made sure the staff sang…
Lions Club Pancake Day Thursday, Enjoy The Pancake Day Blues
Bill walks around and pours coffee, chat's up the latest stories in the news and offers advice on things, but if you stop him and ask him to, he will sing this orginal song, and he may ask you to sing. To help you out, here is the song so you can learn the lyrics. Obviously, when he did it, I n…
Bride Sings To Her Groom And Makes Him Cry [VIDEO]
Most of the time the Bride, or the Bride's Mom (in some cases the Bride's Dad) cry at a wedding. The emotion overcomes them and they lose it. The Groom is most known for passing out, laughing or just standing there until he can put some beer in his puss.
Watch the Worst Church Singer of All Time [VIDEO]
Singing in front of an audience at church is a lot less intimidating than subjecting yourself to, say, the judges on ‘American Idol‘. But it still takes guts to stand alone on a stage and belt out a tune, so that’s why we have to commend this enthusiastic&n…