Bill walks around and pours coffee, chat's up the latest stories in the news and offers advice on things, but if you stop him and ask him to, he will sing this orginal song, and he may ask you to sing. To help you out, here is the song so you can learn the lyrics. Obviously, when he did it, I needed to help.

He walks around on Lions Club Pancake day and sings, sometimes the song changes, depending on who you are and how funny he wants to be. Bill is there every year, all day. He sings and gives you a smile and sometimes a funny line.  Oh, and don't forget, Bill serves coffee too......

6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday May 7th, at Pioneer Hall, with pancakes, sausage, milk, coffee and toppings, don't forget to visit me for alternate toppings.

There’s free parking in the DECC lots. Tickets are $6 in advance ($7 at the door).The Lions hope to raise the most money ever at this year’s event for their many projects throughout the community.

Sometimes Bill tells you he dedicates all of his performances to his brother. He loves to meet new people, and isn't afraid to sing more.

One of the perks (he he) of working at the Pancake Day.

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