It's that time of year again where the Mayflies hatch, and this Facebook user got a pretty disgusting glimpse of them late Monday night.

The aquatic insects hatch on the St. Louis River, which is right next to West Duluth.  This video was taken a Kwik Trip in West Duluth by Deanna Rae Liimatinen

Not only is it pretty gross to deal with, but it also affects the fishing on the St. Louis River.  For quite a while the fish will have their bellies full from these mayflies and won't be biting for some time.

People were quick to comment on the post about other locations that saw swarms.  Gas stations and their bright lights make them a perfect spot to attract the flies.

Either way, this is all part of our eco system and it just so happens to be that time of the year.  Fortunately, their life span is rather short and they won't be around long.



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