With St. Louis County becoming the fastest growing county for confirmed COVID-19 cases, the Center for Personal Fitness at the Miller Hill Health Plaza has picked a good time for a full-time mask requirement.

The requirement, which is for all members and staff, went into effect on Saturday, August 8 and it will remain in place until further notice.

COVID-19 is known to spread via droplets, which are especially prevalent during vigorous exercise and hard breathing. Because of that, masks are being required to decrease the risk of transmission.

This mandate applies to all common areas, locker rooms and fitness equipment. It also will be in effect at the adjacent Therapy and Performance Center, including to and from the therapy pool and on the pool deck; masks can be removed once in the water for classes and other rehabilitation activities.


According to their press release, other precautions at the Center for Personal Fitness include "limiting the number of people exercising and increasing equipment spacing to enable social distancing, as well as robust equipment cleaning between uses."

Full-time masking also will be required at the fitness and wellness center at Essentia Health-Moose Lake.

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Wearing a mask while working out inside a gym may be an inconvenience and uncomfortable, you can't fault them and other gyms for adopting these policies based on how our community is trending right now with COVID-19 cases.  Plus, Bane from Batman had a mask and he was in pretty good shape.

One place to get exercise without a mask is right outside your door.  All you need is a pair of running shoes and the world is your oyster.


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