It looks like some changes are coming to a movie theater near you! Marcus Theatres made a big announcement on Tuesday (March 21st), writing that they are changing up their famous 'Movie Tuesday' with something similar instead.

In case you didn't know, theaters in the Marcus chain have something called 'Movie Tuesday' on the second day of the work week. On Tuesday nights, moviegoers can watch movies for just five bucks. There were also a few other discounts you could cash in on.

Beginning later this month, something new will replace the popular night of the week. Tuesdays will now be 'Value Tuesdays' at Marcus theaters and will work in a similar way, with members getting to buy movie tickets for a discount. It will be one dollar more but still less than your everyday movie ticket at six bucks a pop.

Value Tuesdays will begin on the last Tuesday of the month this month. There will be other discounts for movie members as well, with half off surcharges for the ultra screen and super screen and twenty-percent off food and drinks, with the exception of alcohol.

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Movie members will also have the option to purchase a 'super combo special' for just under ten bucks and a two-dollar hot dog special. Non-members will also get discounts on all of these things, including movie tickets, but not as great of one as members.

It is free to become a member! I have been a member since I moved to Duluth and I am glad they are simply replacing their popular Tuesday night incentives rather than getting rid of them completely. It gives me a perfect excuse to get out and see a movie.

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