Marcus is Animal Allies Pet of the Week.  He is a 6 year old black short haired cat and looking for a forever home.  Animal Allies has taken care of micro-chipping, vaccinating and Marcus is neutered.  He's ready to be loved, fed and snuggled.

Every Wednesday at 8:10 Ken and I talk with Daryl Yankee from Animal Allies about the Pet of the Week.  We've had "twofer" dogs with their buddy system the last two weeks, this week it's a cat who was a stray found in Duluth.  Animal Allies describes Marcus as loving, but needing his space (don't we all?).  When the staff at AA pets Marcus he pushes his head into their hands and they describe his purring as a "roar".

Marcus is a special needs cat, therefore his adoption fee has been waived.  He has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).  This is something that CANNOT be spread to humans, but could potentially spread to other cats, so it would be best for Marcus to be the only cat in the household. Like any other pet, it should also be a home dedicated to preventing his exposure to infections, and keeping him happy and healthy!  If you are interested in adopting Marcus or perhaps another animal seeking a loving family, please visit Animal Allies at 4006 Airport Road or call them at 218-722-2110 for more information!

Thanks to an anonymous donor, April is "Give 110% for Homeless Pets".  They have  offered to match 10% of all donations received during the month of April. Increase your money simply by donating today and take advantage of the donors bonus gift!

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