Update: this post / story mentioned here was taken off of social media over the weekend. No update was given.

This is just not a great look. The owner of a new bakery says that someone took tips out of the tip jar at the store and it was all caught on camera.

The new bakery in question is Something Sweet by Maddie Lu. It is owned and operated by a Food Network star. The store opened in the Miller Hill Mall over the summer after having a successful run as a pop-up shop last holiday season.

Something Sweet by Maddie Lu sells all things sweet: macaroons, cupcakes, cakes and anything else you could ever want in a bakery. There are a few other locations in Minnesota but this is the first location in the Twin Ports.

Now, just a few short months after opening the store, the owner is searching for a man captured on security camera footage. According to the owner, he stole tips out of the tip jar, located by the cash register.

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Screenshots from security camera footage were posted on the store's Facebook page Thursday (August 12th), stating that the incident happened around 3:51 in the afternoon. The post says that the man took all of the tips in the tip jar but did not go into detail regarding just how much that came out to.

Take a look at the photos shared below and see if you recognize this person. While the screenshot is a bit blurry, if you know him, you should be able to recognize him off the two photos provided.

This is a huge bummer, especially because it is a new business that just got settled in Duluth. On top of that, this isn't the first time the bakery itself has had to deal with something like this!

Back in June, just a few short days after opening the new location, a scammer on Facebook was targeting fans of the bakery. Someone made a fake Facebook page and tried to add customers of the store. It is likely the scammer or scammers were trying to get money or personal information out of the customers.

While this is a bummer, it is even worse that someone stole tips out of the tip jar in person! Hopefully, someone recognizes the man in the photos and he can return the money and be reprimanded for his actions.

Another new addition to the Miller Hill Mall has also dealt with a similar situation. Shortly after Pizza Ranch opened at the mall, someone broke into the restaurant. The man who broke in took things from the new location, although it wasn't disclosed exactly what was taken.

They also dealt with an online scam as well. A scammer or scammers set up a fake Facebook account meant to resemble that of Pizza Ranch and messaged people, urging them to click a link in a message. Obviously, this was a big scam!

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