For many of us, our summer will be inconvenienced with the latest road construction project scheduled to start today on Tower Avenue in Superior.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, today is the start date for the reconscruction of a mile of Tower Avenue from Belknap Street to North 3rd Street.  That's pretty much the heart of the Tower Avenue Bar experience.  Of course many other business are affected by the construction.  However, it is long overdue.  There hasn't been a major reconstruction of this stretch since back in 1935.

This particular stretch of road is also very important truck route towards the North End.  The project has been hired out to Chippewa Concrete with their project bid of $14 million dollars.

Also affected during this project will be access to the DOT, DMV, and DNR offices.  To see alternate routes and other project details, visit the project's website at Wisconsin DOT.