I thought it would be best to blog this because of all the back-to-school students, especially our College crowd.  It would be a bummer to take a city bus, or worse yet, waste our precious gas and time to go to the library, only to have it closed.  It won't be closed for long though, here's the details.

The Duluth Public Library's main library building at 520 W. Superior St. will be closed Monday, September 10, beginning at 1:30 pm. to allow Minnesota Power to conduct work in the area.  In order for the work to be accomplished, they will have to shut off the power to the library.

Barring any issues, the library expects to re-open at 5pm that afternoon and  remain open until 8 pm. Mt. Royal and West Duluth branch libraries will remain open during the afternoon but some services may be limited because the power outage may affect some of the library's on-line services.

For more information, call the library's Community Services office at 730-4236.



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