This Saturday, May 12th mail carriers for the post office will be collecting non-perishble food items to help stock local food shelves.  It's an annual campaign that has collected over 2 million pounds of food for local families in the last 19 years.   Here's how to help!Last year in Duluth/Superior area, Stamp Out Hunger collected over 110,000 pounds of food.  It's easy to help, just leave a bag of food by your mailbox this saturday.  What can you donate?

From the United Way:

Soups, corn, and beans are just some of the items that are needed. Pasta, canned meat, canned vegetables, and canned fruit are also needed. Consider baby formula, rice, and dried fruit. Any non-perishable food item that has not past its expiration date is valuable for someone who is hungry. All food donated goes to local food shelves.

Here's some other surprising facts:


Combined statistics for CHUM, Union Gospel Mission, Salvation Army, Fruit of the Vine and Hermantown food shelves:

2010 2011

Total number of pounds distributed:                       875,335         951,664 *

Total number of orders given:                                      18,170             18,955

Total number of individuals served:                          51,727             66,499

Total number of children served:                               20,563             22,121

*FUN FACT - 951,664 pounds [475 TONS] are equal to the weight of approximately 100 adult elephants!



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