Shortly after wrapping things up at his Crash My Playa event (and retrieving his luggage that fell out as he was leaving), Luke Bryan was off to Hawaii to tape more footage for the upcoming season of American Idol. While there, he experienced a moment with a young fan that he won't soon forget.

"Probably one of the best parts of yesterday," Bryan admits on his Instagram page  alongside a video that captures a special moment. Bryan, in a Hawaiian shirt, is talking with a little girl who is showing him how to use sign language.

"I love singing," Bryan tells the girl as she teaches him to say 'I love.' "How do you say 'singing'?"

Bryan then signs the sentence, which draws a big smile from the little girl.

He wasn't the only American Idol judge to share photos of their time at Aulana, a Disney Resort & Spa. Fellow judge Lionel Richie also shared a number of pictures of what seems to have been a sunny time while they're in search of the next hot star:

Judge Katy Perry also looked rather content being back with her American Idol family.

"Aloha," she writes alongside a series of Instagram pics. "Can't believe my job requirements are to wake up in Hawaii at the Disney Aulana and encourage people to believe in themselves all while wearing archive Gaultier. I'm hashtag blessed 4 real."

The new season of American Idol starts March 3 on the show's new network home, ABC.

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