A local gas station company, ICO on London Road, announced that they will be offering full service fueling at their pumps week days from noon to 3p.  They use to be called gas jockeys or full service attendants.  When I was a child there was more gas stations with full service than self-serv.  They would pump your gas, wash your windshield, sometimes your headlights and check your oil. My mom always went to Harold's in Carlton because they came out and pumped gas for you.

Attendants didn't always pump gas.  When they had self-starting vehicle engines, they would start vehicle engines by manually turning the crankshaft with a hand crank. (for the record, that was way before I was born, ok?)  Then it morphed to young men (I've never seen a movie with a girl service attendant, but why not?) dressed in all white with a little cap on their head and a overly friendly disposition taking care of you when you pulled up to the pump.

This past summer we took a trip to Yellowstone camping in West Yellowstone, one of the gas stations there had a a young man come out and offer to pump our gas.  Homie, my husband, declined because he wasn't use to that service, but I thought it was cool and I'm sure the little guy was bummed because he was out a tip!

As I mentioned earlier, my mom and I would always go to Harold's in Carlton for full service.  Yes, that's the famous Harold Ankrum of the Harold's Fiasco that raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  He doesn't sell gas anymore, but still serves the community with auto repair and maintenance.  The other place we would frequent was the Frank Lloyd Wright gas station, 202 Cloquet Ave. It was the only gas station designed by him and it's pretty cool and still there!

Going retro is being seen everywhere.  In our clothing, hairstyles, lifestyles and now in our purchasing of gas.  It certainly brings back memories and gives you a warm and fuzzy!

Do you remember someone coming out and pumping your gas?  What else do you wish would go retro?  I wish they would bring back the Pop Shoppe that was in Cloquet!!

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