Every Wednesday we talk with our friend Daryl at Animal Allies about a pet of the week. Normally we see these pets get adopted rather quickly, so it was surprising that we once again featured Layla. She still hasn't found a home, but she would be a great dog for the right family. Here's a little info about her.

She needs to be the only dog. According to Daryl, she has a mountainous sheep herder mix breed background. She looks like a white lab, but there's more to the lineage. Because of this she's wired to not get along well with other dogs. She's there to protect "her herd." She's also a big girl, weighing in at about 100 lbs, so she needs to be in a place where she can be active, like a farm or rural property.

If you're looking for a loyal, loving dog that is there to protect your family and guard your farm, she's the perfect pet for you. Let's find her a forever home and get her out of the kennel. While Animal Allies is a wonderful place, it's nowhere a dog like this should end up being stuck for this long.


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