Another week has come and gone and that means it is time to fess up to the things we aren't proud of. Sigh.

Every Friday morning around 7:10, Ken and I do just that. We pick the worst thing we did that week and own up to it. It does feel good to get it off our chest but it doesn't mean we aren't ashamed. Ha!

Ken was off Friday morning so Chris Allen stepped in. I have to say, we weren't completely awful people this time around. Our confessions were tamer than they've been in some time.

My first thought when my parents told me some bad news wasn't what it should have been. (I am sorry mom. I am sorry dad.) Chris was an awful consumer and didn't put things back where they belonged at the store.

In the end, we both decided I was the bigger jerk. Thankfully, nobody and nothing was harmed in the making of this week's shameful moments.

To hear our confessions in full, watch the video above.

To see our confessions from weeks prior, you can click here.

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