The theme of this week's Breakfast Club Confessions seemed to be winter driving. Winter is rough in general but when you add a ton of snow and early mornings, sometimes things are even harder.

I asked Chris Allen to take Ken's spot since he had the morning off and he didn't disappoint. It turns out he got flipped the bird for something he did while driving in the snow last week. I was that annoying winter driver on the road. I am sorry to all!

When all was said and done, neither Chris nor I could decide who was the bigger jerk. I think things were pretty even so I am going to call this one a draw. Watch the video above and judge for yourself.

In case you didn't know, Breakfast Club Confessions is a segment we do every Friday around 7:10. It's the time Ken and I admit to something we did that week we aren't proud of. They range from the hilarious (like Ken having a big parenting fail) to the sad (for example, when I couldn't hold it together because I saw someone eat it).

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