I am very happy to say that while I did embarrass myself greatly with my actions this week, I was not that big of a jerk.

Each Friday, Ken & I confess to an awful thing we did that week and call it 'Breakfast Club Confessions.' They range from downright embarrassing to hilarious to harmless. We admit to our wrongdoings because it makes us feel better to get it off our chest.

Ken was off so Chris Allen stepped in and I was surprised to hear he was pretty savage. Usually when filling in, his confessions are tame but not this time around.

This week I was not a jerk whatsoever. I held up a work meeting due to my Jon Pardi obsession. I apologized to everyone involved and they all understood. (They know the obsession runs deep.)

In the end, Chris was crowned the bigger jerk. It wasn't even close this time around. Oh, how the tables have turned. Ha!

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Watch our full-fledged confessions above. I can't wait to see what next week holds!

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