Did you get to see the ice caves this past weekend?  If not you missed out being one of the 12,00 people that did.  If you were planning on visiting today or tomorrow you'll have to postpone due to a winter storm.


The ice caves opened last Saturday bringing in crowds to get a glimpse of nature's beauty.  They paid the price, not only $5 per person 16 years and older, but also in their trek on Lake Superior.  Visitors were warned that there were several areas that were glare ice and that crampons or ski poles would be handy.

They do plan to re-open but for the time being the winter storm that has caused a winter weather advisory in our area until midnight Tuesday will close the ice caves to visitors.

According to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore National Park Facebook page:

The Ice Caves will temporarily close Tuesday, March 3, at 6:00 pm due to a winter weather advisory and impending storm. Ice conditions will be checked as soon as possible following the storm. If conditions permit, the ice caves will be reopened. The earliest the ice caves would be reopened is sometime on Thursday.

To receive up to the minute updates on ice conditions and whether or not the caves are open to the public, you can call the Ice Line at (715) 779-3397.

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