A quick meal idea is worth sharing to help out other parents. We often find ourselves home after swimming lessons in a hurry to eat dinner before 7 pm, and besides deli chicken, take out, or pizza, there's isn't a lot of other quick options. That's when I decided to try Kwik Trip's fully cooked Dos Rios taco meat.

I was a little hesitant at first. It's cheap, only 1.99 a pound. You can't even buy hamburger at the grocery store for that price, not even mentioning the taco seasoning. It's fully cooked so you can technically microwave it and have it ready in minutes. I heated it up in a skillet because I felt like that would feel more normal to me.

I gotta be honest, it was really good. It wasn't greasy (something I was worried about). It had good flavor and the right texture. It was a hit! And it only took a couple of minutes to make dinner, so that's a bonus.

So if you've been curious to try it, go ahead and pick some up. You won't be disappointed.

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