It's that time of week again when we all put on our tin foil hats! This time it has to do with another strange sighting from the live feed on the International Space Station. A video clip was uploaded to YouTube showing a bright light approach the space station, appear to match speed for about 40 minutes, and then leave.

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The video is from Ufo Sightings Daily. Here's the video. The YouTuber says he sped up the video to show a time lapse of the 40 minutes of the encounter.

This isn't the first time we've seen something bizarre from the International Space Station. Just last month a Russian Cosmonaut described seeing "space guests" while filming the aurora borealis.

There recently has been a resurgence in UFO enthusiasm. One of the biggest reason for the public's increased interest in UFOs is the leaked U.S. Navy videos of fighters chasing down UFOs. The pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of those videos in an unprecedented move.

Back when UFO sightings were first reported in the 50's and 60's, it was mainly because everyone was looking at the sky at night trying to spot one. Are we falling into the same trap? More and more people are looking up at the sky, but that doesn't mean all of these sightings are legitimate. Of course, there are usually pretty sound explanations. Last week thousands of people in New Jersey witnessed what they believed was a UFO. Traffic was even halted on the freeway as people got out to take videos of the object. Turns out it was just the Goodyear Blimp.

So is this video from the ISS just space junk? Probably not as it changes speed and direction. You be the judge, and keep your eye on the sky.

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