Every week at 7:40 on The Breakfast Club with Ken & Lauren we discuss something bizarre in a segment we call "Ken's Conspiracy Corner." Sometimes we discuss just good plain old down to earth conspiracies (if there is such a thing), but lately there has been so much UFO talk that it's take center stage. This week is no different.

Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner posted a time lapse video he took of the aurora borealis shot from space over Antarctica and Australia. He got more than that on camera though, as partway through the time lapse you can see a string of lights pass by.

Could it be satellites? It very well could be Space X star link satellites, but it's hard to tell. Even the Russian Space Agency responded to this footage by calling it "interesting." The Russian State confirms they are investigating the footage.

This wouldn't be the first time those pesky starlink satellites would be to blame for a ufo sighting. Locally we've had some reports sent my way in the Duluth/Superior area that we've been able to trace back to the satellites. There's actually a tracker you can enter your location into and then it will tell you when they will most likely be visible. However, it appears they have turned the brightness down on the satellites as to be more friendly to astronomers who have complained about the interference.

Even if this turns out to be something explainable, it really is cool to see. The aurora borealis footage itself is pretty amazing as well. According to The National Post, the crew of astronauts which include 2 Russians and an American are working on improving photography of space.

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