Yup, imagine my SURPRISE when I noticed these kitty salt & pepper shakers on Ken's Thanksgiving table!  He exclaimed, "they were a gift!"  That sparked a HUGE conversation about salt and pepper shakers, do you collect them?  Ken SAYS he doesn't.  Take a picture of your most unusual pair and share it with Ken and me.  Here's the how salt and pepper shakers came to be.


Before salt and pepper shakers as we know them today, people in the Victorian era placed their salt in open cellers. Salt came in rock form, and it had to be chipped off to be put on food.   Early salt shakers were actually salt mills.

The production of salt and pepper shakers really took off in the 1940's with the birth of modern ceramics. It became easier to make shakers in a variety of shapes and designs. The market for souvenir shakers and novelty shakers grew with the capacity to produce such items affordably.

Today, salt and pepper shakers can be found in nearly every conceivable shape and size. They are made in a variety of materials including wood, metal, ceramics, glass, and plastics.

Do you collect salt and pepper shakers?  Email me a picture!!!  I'm looking for the most unusual pair.   cathykates@kkcb.com

Info via:  kimmykay.tripod.com