Ken and I made it through another year and he beat me to posting it on Facebook yesterday!  Of course, we wouldn't have eight years together without you joining us day in and day out on the B105 Breakfast Club Show.  YOU are the reason getting up at 3am is totally worth it!

Through these eight years I've watched Ken go from a bachelor bouncing from living under someone's basement stairs (like a troll) to sleeping on another friend's couch to where he is today, a homeowner (I didn't necessarily say a happy homeowner)!

I listened to him (and so have you) share disastrous dates to the one date that took him to marriage (I was honored to officiate his wedding!) and to being the best daddy to two amazing children.  We laughed (while he cried) about diaper changes, sleepless nights and the confusion a parent experiences the first few times you pick your child up from Kindergarten.  I'm sure they'll be more totally relate able stories in the future and I can't wait to hear them.  My own daughter was only three when I started in radio and she's now 21 and a Senior in college (proud of my Kylee!!!).  I know first hand and continue to tell Ken to enjoy those early years with all their trials and triumphs, they come and go all to quickly!

So, thank you Northland, for allowing us to be part of your morning.  If we make you smile or play your favorite song while you're getting your family ready for the day or heading to work or school, we've accomplished what we've set out to do that day.  We appreciate your loyalty to B105 and we plan to continue to play your favorite songs, give away concert tickets and make you laugh your way through your morning.

This video is a behind-the-scenes from last year when we trekked through a snow storm to shoot a TV commercial for our Country Fest Bus 2014.  Remember, it's from LAST year when you're watching it, but it's Ken and I in action and will give you insight to the fact that what you hear every morning is just us, being us.

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