Five years ago, Ken and I took part in what we thought would be legitimate donkey races.  I LOVE donkeys, I even have them as my screen saver on my laptop so of course, I was thrilled and looking forward to the evening.  The picture above is us in our rider's vests that coincided with the color of the blanket on our donkey.  BUT, no one told us they were TRICK donkeys and that made for a few trips to the chiropractor and a hilarious video.


The Great Northern Classic Rodeo is always held Labor Day weekend.  I have had the honor of being involved in different capacities for years.  I've been on the microphone to help start the rodeo's festivities, ridden in a wagon, carried a sponsor flag while riding a beautiful horse with it's tail glam'd up with glitter and in 2010 was asked to race a donkey.  I said "sure", Ken said "no way" and so we did it.

However, no one told us that the donkeys had been trained as trick donkeys and what transpires in the video will have you laughing and sent me to several chiropractic appointments.  You really can't see the fall I took in the very beginning of the video, but it only got worse.  I was hurtin' after the fall but my donkey had taken off and I was suppose to have control of him the whole time, so I took off after him.  Now I know where they get the term smart-*** from....because that's exactly what my donkey was that night!

Watch and laugh!

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