John Shuster has been a friend of our shows for many years.  We had him in talking about their fundraiser for the Olympics back in January, and now he and the rest of his team have returned home as Olympic Gold Medalists.  We were so thrilled to get to hear about their amazing story and the really awesome things that have happened since the winning.

It wasn't an easy path to Gold.   John won bronze in curling back in 2006, but after 2010 and 2014 Olympics didn't produce a medal, he was cut from the national team.  He formed his own team and fought his way back and eventually became the US Olympic team for 2018.  After a somewhat shaky start, we asked him how we was able to shake off the losses and then go on a historic run to win the first gold in curling for the USA.

He also discusses some of the coolest things that have happened and how he really became a celebrity in New York City.

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