This will be the lost year for the Minnesota Twins, with hopes to get back on track next season.  That is especially true for Joe Mauer.  What a year it has been for the hometown hero with all the problems so perhaps this is a fitting development.


Joe Mauer's season is over.

The upper respiratory infection that he came down with in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago never got better. He began to cough. He was sent to the Mayo Clinic to be checked out.

``Despite medication his symptoms have not resolved,'' Twins trainer Rick McWane said. ``In Kansas City, he started to complain of a persistent cough. Yesterday, he was sent to the Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with mild pneumonia and the reccomendation is medications and rest for two weeks.''

Guess what? There's only a week-and-a-half left in the regular season. That means Mauer probably has played his final game of the season for the Twins.

And what a season it has been, Bilateral leg weakness. Illness. Trips to the Mayo Clinic. Sore body parts. Speculation about his toughness. St. Paul's own has filled up the injury report all season.

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