I'm the first to admit it, I don't donate blood regularly.  Quit staring at me.  Okay, fine, I never donate blood, but I plan on changing that.  January is National Blood Donor Month and the American Red Cross is reporting the need for donors, so it sounds like the perfect time.

According to the American Red Cross, National Blood Donor Month recognizes the importance of giving blood and platelets while honoring those who roll up a sleeve to help patients in need. It has been observed during January since 1970, and that’s no coincidence. Winter is an especially difficult time to collect enough blood to meet patient needs. Unpredictable winter weather can result in blood drive cancellations, and seasonal illnesses, like the flu, may cause some donors to be unable to make or keep blood donation appointments.

They say that donors of all blood types are needed, especially those with O negative, A negative and B negative. With a shelf life of 42 days, red blood cells must be constantly replenished to maintain an adequate supply for patients. Individuals who come out to give blood Jan. 1 through Jan. 4 will receive a long-sleeve Red Cross T-shirt, while supplies last.

To learn more about donating blood and to schedule an appointment, download the Red Cross Blood Donor App, visit the link below or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).


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