We recently became camper owners, and I was reminded of how much buying one is like buying a car.

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Like any major purchase, they gave us plenty of options for add-ons for the unit.  We were offered extended warranties, paint protection, a weight distribution hitchcamper coversRV backup cameras, and a whole bunch more.

Two things were surprising though.  First, they didn't encourage us to walk around the accessories building at the RV dealership.  You have us there spending money, getting a loan within which, we can wrap in accessories, it just seems like a good sales tactic would be to give us an isle-by-isle tour to buy more goodies.

Second, and I'm baffled by this at heavy equipment dealerships, ATV dealerships, and enclosed trailer dealerships.  Very rarely if ever have I been asked if I want to purchase additional keys for doors or ignitions.

In theory most people only need two sets of keys or most items they purchase, but I third spare especially for a camper is ideal in my world.  That way each person in a couple can have a set and you can strategically place a third either hidden on the unit or in the cab of your tow vehicle.

Camper Keys- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Camper Keys- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

After remembering I wanted a third set of keys when I found out our toy hauler only had one key for a "garage door", I didn't even bother calling the camper dealership to order more.

A quick Google search of the key numbers I wanted of course brought me to Amazon where I found many ordering options for the keys I needed to put together a third set.  For about $15, we now have an "emergency" or "we both forgot the keys" set for the camper.

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