This is really bizarre.  All morning we've been talking about how today is supposed to be a clear, sunny day. However with the wildfires in Canada, a thick haze of smoke makes it appear that we have an overcast day. That's not the case at all, and an air quality alert has been issued for our area.

I stepped outside to see for myself and I can see the haze is just barely starting to lift. It's enough that I can tell this isn't clouds at all, its that thick smoke.  You can even smell the smoke. Here's an animated satellite view of the smoke moving through the region this morning.

A lot of people have been looking to the weather forecast for the weekend with all of our outdoor activities going on. The forecast has been for mostly sunny skies, but depending on what that smoke is doing, it may look overcast.

While talking to Meteorologist Taylor Dayton this morning, he mentioned that some rain Sunday night into Monday will help clear up some of the smoke. And one thing is for sure, we definitely need the rain.

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